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Sky Broadband is a broadband service offered by Sky UK in the United Kingdom. With the introduction of Sky Fibre, Sky Broadband now refers to ADSL broadband products.

An unhappy customer called Scott Shacklock, from Nottingham posted in the BROADBAND website about his/her experience as a customer with SKY BROADBAND:“'I've been with sky broadband for a few years now. The connection is very slow and they lied about how fast it would be - I've put up with that. The main problems are the lack of reliability and their complete lack of care for the customer.Every few months the router stops working - the self-heal mechanism only mends it for five minutes or so. Each time I phone them up they do a test that solves the problem for another few months. I ask them if they will replace the router and they say they will if it happens again, but they never replace the router.The pandemic has compounded things so that now I can't phone them up now its happened again. They do not seem to have any phone people working from home - probably because that would mean they may not follow their scripts and actually be helpful. The online repair does not work and they seem to expect me to carry on paying for a service that does not work and they will not fix.The UK compares very badly with other countries when it comes to internet services. This is because of money-grubbing corporations such as the sky who do not care about their customers. As far as I can tell most of them are like that. I am changing providers even though I am not expecting anything much better. I do not recommend the sky, stay away from them”


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Work is fun even it's tiring. Meeting different people is a challenge. But the hardest part when we don't have financial support like allowances for our daily work."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"No health benefits provided by the company. This is a commission basis type of work. No minimum or maximum hours of work because you need to reach your quota before end of month otherwise you will get an allowance only and no salary."

Accounting Staff (Taxation) says

"i learn alot form my previous company (PYO) when i comes to accounting work, my boss teach alot that i can bring if i leave. but the problem is some higher official is over using their position that they "bully" other employees which i dont think is appropriate."

On the Job Trainee (Former Employee) says

"My supervisor assigned me to a position which was different from what the HR gave me. I had to do part of their projects which was mostly clerical when I was supposed to be experiencing work related to engineering."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"as a Technician my Duty is to Install cable,internet Connection to the Costumer/Subscriver,I get Job Order to Our Office Take Time to get There Because Our Warehouse is long Drive to our main Office.I used my own Motorcycle as my Transportation and Find the address of the Costumer with my own gas Allowance.After i Install This device We Call it Black Box or Receiver as per my job order i Came Back to main Office and do a Report to be send in my Engineer.Theres no Rest day for me Because my Company is Only Subcontractor Under in sky cable.Each Box that i Install is Giving 20 Percent of my Salary,The More Installation the More money i earned,Ive Work 12 Hours a Day to get 500Pesos around 10 Dollards per day but its okey because Some Other Costumer Give a Tip but im not asking too,just a Small Money to buy a Bread or Drinks for my Break time.I survived that Type of Work because i Already a Born Child to Support for Milk.Ronie Mojica, Team Leader in Sky cable(Technical Team)"

Position - Sales Agent Executive (Former Employee) says

"Always take care of what you say and always take the house if they can provide the bills . That`s the required of company ! Very badly hard."

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE (Former Employee) says

"dealing with clients, presentation of products, giving instruction to my installerFieldlong hours"

Customer Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"no security of tenure, they didn't after their people, more on sales and getting what they want from their subscribers, doesn't appreciate your worth as employeenonelow salary"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"It is a great opportunity working at Skycable considering the fact that I have no enough knowledge regarding my position and still giving me the chance to work at Skycable. I enjoyed their company with great people around me but things wouldn’t work out the way I wanted to be. That is why I’m leaving my position and take a new challenges and phase of my career ."

Inbound Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"When it come to work, Sky Cable is one of the good company. But I want some growth for myself that's why I leave the company. I want more challenges and I want to learne more.Free coffeeLong hours"

Tele Sales (Former Employee) says

"The facilities is like a BPO company and also i like my Co workers because all of them are Friendly and Helpful persons. My co workers help to improve my Call handling to the subscriber.Free WaterLong hours"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Was an okay company to work for...definitely smaller than the MTS and Shaw cable companies but hours and shifts were okay and management was understanding and supportive. Unfortunately business was just bad and it closed cable & internet at homelow pay and low increases"

Telesales Agent (Former Employee) says

"I love my team, we always laugh and share thoughts about work. We deal with different people through telephone. We make sure that we give them the satisfaction on there cable tv."

office support staff (Current Employee) says

"I must say my nature of work is very stressful because of the long hour of work. Sometimes we don't have a rest day because of the pending everyday. We extend hour duty and we need to comply. No benefits and we as a call center agent we need that for our health. For the 1 yr and 6mos of service in there company still we all a project employee and that is the reason why i want to apply to other company.lot of activitiesLong hours, pressure and no benefits"

Technical Expert Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Although the company offers good benefits, the company lacks the opportunities given to the employees in upskilling talents and job competencies. Has slow paced career advancements and underdeveloped management productivity.Good benefitsSlow career growth"

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for 7 months only and I treasure the good time with my colleagues. I learned how to handle the work pressure and how to extent my patience to assist the customer's complain."

Dispatcher (Current Employee) says

"Normal day at work Everyday you will learn something new Management is to soft. Co workers friendly and crazy Dispatcher Lunch Breakfree CHAT and FBLong Hours"

Sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"For the next day you should have a plan, a better plan. Be familiar in the field/places such as cost of living, learned the customs or values.Having a good strategic plan,executing it properly step by step and having a motivation and focus.Well planned ideas.To my co-workers its the same, the difference is the environment and adaptation.The team is there,the goal is there but the achievements is not te same.We have in common but we have differences. Time consuming,and most especially the hardest part of the job is risking your another client to meet another client,settlement for scheduling and most priority.The most enjoyable part of the job is I learned new things ,create more plans.Gain friends. Travel to different places.Free snacks sometimesLong hour"

Field Technician engineer (Former Employee) says

"Working days is from Monday to Saturday the management is fine workplace is fine you can learn from your co workers. But the hardest part of the job is the system."

Telesales Agent Outbound (Former Employee) says

"Working as telesales agent is very challenging as you need to reach your monthly quota, but its really fun coz after a month of struggling you will get your bonus."

Tyler Sturgeon says

"I'd give less stars if possible. Never a stable connection. Tried to get through to discuss upgrading options and was possibly the most frustrating thing. We had the mid rang package which is 'good for gaming', however have more than 1 device connected and your lucky if you receive 10mbs download speed. If you even contemplating getting broadband from sky honestly don't bother. After cancelling it seems they have done something to our WiFi for the remainder of our contract as I am still getting laggy gameplay at 2am. No one on the WiFi and it's not peak time. If I could rate this 0 stars would. Honestly a joke how bad this WiFi is. You really need to look into doing something to having a more consistent service, you will lose all customers if not. So many other providers are offering more reliable, better offers."

M K says

"Have been a Sky customer since 2016. The internet service has gotten progressively worse year after year while the cost has gone up and up. Never again. They don't care about their customers, they only care about money."

Hisoka's rd Arm says

"Okay, so my family switched from virgin media( I miss so dearly) to the Sky and Sky is SO bad I can't even do as much as open an app, Now because of corona we need to depend on the internet and during this time out of school I can't even join a google meet call, From past experiences, I would recommend virgins better broadband"

clitheroeclaret says

"Awful. Went with sky beginning of Dec 2020, tv great, broadband same, mobile shocking!!
BOTH landline and mobile numbers were changed, same as others on here have commented.
So both landline and mobile (no signal due to wrong number??) are not operable
Have spent hours on phone 10-15 calls to get precisely nowhere, you have to go through the same questions with each "expert" ha ha, often get passed to another "expert" to start again and then end up being told they`d send a new sim card, which isnt the problem!!!


John Edwards says

"Dont bother.
Tried signing up 3 times! Each time they take the £5 from your account to check it works then email to say "there's been a problem". They don't know what the problem is and they don't refund the £5 they say they will. Wasted 3 months at the high existing out of contract price messing about with these guys. My advise - give them a wide birth!"

Angela Baker says

"We have a sky package for our TV, TELEPHONE AND BROADBAND. The telephone and broadband has been a bit bit and miss for a couple of months but we now have had no telephone for at least two weeks. We are both disabled, live on a remote 6 care small holding we are retired and HAVE NO MOBILE SERVICE HERE so are unable to contact them except by the "Sky problems" every day. I have not spoken to another living soul for weeks. I was unable to speak to either my children or grandchildren all over christmas. It is so depressing I am terrified that if one of us has an accident or becomes sicker than we already are one of us will have to leave the other alone(my husband already has a serious heart problem) to find help! This is the 21st century I know it's Christmas and staff levels are low but they are quick enough to collect nearly £100 a month Christmas or not"

Tom Geoghegan says

"I booked a Sky Home Move for Broadband on 27 November, with an engineer booked to visit yesterday, 23 December. No show & no communication despite staying in all day. Four calls to customer service later and it's finger pointing toward Open Reach. Nobody seems bothered to call me. I'm told that I will hopefully have a text update by 30 December! That is one whole month without Broadband to include Christmas and most likely New Year. This is absolutely SHOCKING from a company like Sky. I will not even try to explain how I'm struggling to work from home given Covid restrictions.
This is shambolic and an appalling way treat a customer. I'm so, so angry!"

Fred Linden-Wyatt says

"I have had a few problems with Sky broadband as the service is always slow. Recently the service has been down a lot which is annoying."

Maryna Morris says

"We went with sky for a good deal on price, once installed the service was adequate however as soon as the contract ends the price goes through the roof. When you go elsewhere you find Sky wont let you transport your number making it as difficult as possible to move away. Wont be using them again."

Stephen Gary Shaw says

"Booked a home move two weeks ago engineer failed to turn up after waiting all day and having time off work that I don't get paid for not even a phone call to say what's going on spent hours on the phone trying to sort out with no joy avoid sky rubbish my number is 07981429456"

Mike L says

"Do not , do not agree to sign up with Sky broadband.

Loads of promises but as soon as you sign it goes wrong. Can’t keep your current telephone number and they have no left me with no service for 3 weeks which with 2 daughters returning from university is going to make me very popular. Basically no apology just computer says no !!!
So sorry i moved from BT"

Daren Bennett says

"Today the Openreach engineer came to sort out the new broadband connection. Didn't realise that Sky uses Voip for it's calls, so engineer has more work to do, fair enough I thought. Eventually he left and said the telephone might not work straight away but would come on eventually. Shortly after I connected the phone line and called my mobile.... they had changed our landline number - even I had told them we needed it - it feeds a children's nursery. Contacted them straight away - result was - oh someone has made a mistake and there's nothing we can do! Several on line complaints and heard nothing yet. An absolute nightmare, hours of time now spent pursuing this now and contacting parents."

Cn says

"Appalling connection from Sky...
Cuts out constantly. Avoid."

Ann Stockton says

"I have been trying to get sky landline and broadband into my new property since 21st August ! When you contact Sky you get a different person every time who say they can’t do anything . Sky blame openreach and openreach because they have a monopoly only do the easy jobs and anything more difficult they make excuses Sky have no control and maybe openreach give priority to BT customers! I am still waiting , and I fail to understand why I can’t get a landline into my property when they can send people to a space station ! and pls don’t give me covid as an excuse for the appalling service Ann"

Andrea Flores says

"Stay away from this company.
They are THIEVES!! I had to put up witn a rubbish service for years!! And when I finally called to cancel my service, the operator told me that he will fix my service and upgrade me.
However he didn't mention at any point about me taking a new contract and I NEVER agreed to anything.
I tried for a few months and my service didn't improve so I changed to Vodafone whom are wonderful!! And not once I have problems with my internet connection again.
Soon after I started receiving letters from sky saying that I owe them £83 for early cancellation of service!! How's that possible if I never took a new contract!
When I called to ask for a proof recording of me taking a new contract, the operator was EXTREMELY RUDE, and he said he will provide the recording. I was waiting for it and now I have debt collectors HARASSING ME FOR MONEY I DO NOT OWE!!!!
I've been trying to email sky but I can't find any email address and when I asked for an email address in messenger, the operators just tried to get rid of me sending me links that don't work.

Lizzie says

"Was meant to have broadband installed on the 11th - No one showed up.
Sky phoned my engineer and said he’d be there before 1pm - no one showed up.
After phoning sky and being on hold for an hour a lady told me my appointment had been cancelled but open reach had neglected to inform me.
A new set up date was issued for the 30th!!!! By which time i would of paid almost a hundred pound bill for a months service I haven’t even received yet!!
Sky said they would call me to arrange an earlier instalment date for the broadband ... NOONES CALLED ME TO DO THIS!!!
Infuriated isn’t the word. This was sold to me as an “easy transition” and it has been anything but!"

John says

"Signed up with Sky for Fibre, they took a deposit for contract and gave me a start date. Then mysteriously came back with an old (2 years ago) account and said there was a clash. I didn't hear anything back from them and they haven't refunded my "deposit" 2 months later.
Poor communication, Poor admin of accounts, wasted my time and money (still on expensive contract waiting to hear from Sky) and I only find out they have cancelled my contract through a cashback website when it was denied."

Mrs Barclay says

"Until today I had been happy with my sky broadband. Today it stopped working. Phoned and eventually got through to find out it was an exterior fault. They would text when it was sorted. Still didnt work, various phone calls 40 mins, internet instruction 10 mins, until I eventually spoke to a human after 30 mins in hold. He could not fix it and is sending an engineer 2.12.20!!!! I work from home that is ridiculous."

Martynas Likša says

"Very slow and very bad internet. dissapointed"

Nick R says

"Customer service has always been top notch however, I have always had speed issues. I was told I would get 59 mbs down. I even resorted to a cable running right through my flat from the router to my computer and I am still struggling to get 25 mbs down. This has been going on for weeks now. Lots of online lag that nobody should have here in 2021. Not great for 27 quid a month." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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